Palais de Mari

October 16 - November 13, 2010

Galerie Trois Points will be presenting the second part of an exhibition on Mario Côté’s works from October 13th to November 16th 2010. This exhibition will include a musical piece from the American composer Morton Feldman, namely Palais de Mari, which will be transposed into a singular pictorial codifying system. The first part issued at the Outremont art gallery, between September 30th and October 24th 2010, offered the entire transcription of the play Palais de Mari including preparatory sketches designed for the play. On the night of the opening exhibition, on September 30th, the internationally renowned pianist Jacques Drouin will interpret the play.

The Palais de Mari / Tableaux augmentés exhibition at Galerie Trois Points follows a scheme and inspires continuity with the division of the initial proposal into three parts. The first one consists of large format paintings taking over one or two measures of the musical score and is inspired by a specific mode of musical transposition, namely, the augmentation mode. It consists of a process by which the length of the musical tones is extended by doubling each one of the values. What happens with the transposition system Mario Côté established when an « augmented painting » digs in with detail all the geometric forms and the colors associated with and tied to the tones? Like the space between the tones of the musical score, which is non-annotated, the space between the pictorial signs is completely overwhelmed and saturated by the sound effects.

The second part depicts what the artist calls his « studio walls » (Murs d’ateliers). This transcription project of Palais de Mari really began in 2008 when the artist started recuperating paint residues. Ever since, he’s been transposing them on average-sized surfaces where thin deposits of colored paint meet and have formed vertical and horizontal traits and lines over time.

Finally, the third and last part consists of a movie projection from a DVD, in limited edition, that is a compilation of three œuvre-videos. The first, Tableau 16 (1992) issues the very first use of the sonor frame Palais de Mari. In 2009, Tableau 20 takes up, ten years later, the proposal with the same spokesperson, Andrée-Maude Côté, accompanied by texts from Louise Dupré and an exceprt of the piano piece by Feldman. The third video presents Première page (2010) in which the pictorial score by Côté joins the length of the first page of Palais de Mari interpreted by Ingrid Quy Gontron on the piano.

Galerie Trois Points is thrilled to welcome on October 22nd, the day of the presentation of the Palais de Mari / Tableaux augmentés exhibit, important guest-speakers will discuss contemporary music on behalf of the composer Morton Feldman and will issue a talk on the relations between the visual arts and music.

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  • Jean De Julio-Paquin, Quand une musique devient peinture, Vie des Arts, 2011. 01. 01.. PDF