Paul Bureau

March 25 - April 22, 2006

From March 25 to April 22, Galerie Trois Points will present a third exhibition by Paul Bureau.

In this new series entitled Passages, Paul Bureau continues his sensual exploration of the materiality of painting. Although the artist is moving away from the frantic rhythmic trajectories of colored bands that he presented during his last exhibition, the vitality we know about him has not faded.

In these large paintings, colossal zones of contrasting colors seem to collide or come off slowly like continents forming. The meeting of these vast territories presents a tension between equilibrium and imbalance whose culminating effect is at once of immobility and fall. If the bands of the last exhibition seemed to enter the materiality of the medium, this new series shows a painting that tends to come out of the picture.

The title refers as much to the idea of ​​the trajectory in the landscape, as to the repetitive gesture in the successive application of the material, which reveals the traces of the new use of the brush. Through this desire to reinvent his plastic vocabulary, Bureau signs a production marked by a new freedom and transparency.

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