p|m gallery @ Montreal

Amanda Reeves, Megan McKnight, William Griffiths

November 12 - December 17, 2011

Galerie Trois Points is thrilled to feature the exhibition of three Ontarian painters from p|m Gallery in TorontoFrom November 12th to December 17th, the gallery opens its doors to the first exhibition in Montreal of these young artists.

William Griffiths, Meghan McKnight, and Amanda Reeves approach their abstract practice through distinctly different layering strategies.

William Griffiths goes through an elaborate process of layering  paint  then carving into his surfaces. This kind of  revealing excavation pushes the physical properties of acrylic. This process goes on for months and years until the work is complete.

Amanda Reeves is fascinated by the mechanics of perception. She uses subtle shifts in colour and placement of shape to create ambiguously  layered space. These flat picture planes are charged with a unique vibrational energy.

Meghan McKnight begins her paintings with meticulously slathered colour gradations. Her paintings are like small worlds constructed of swoops and slashes of extruded paint.

This exhibition is part of an exhibition exchange with p|m Gallery, Toronto. In February 2012 p|m Gallery will feature the work of David GillandersMathieu Lévesque and Max Wyse.

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