Premiers soins: La nuit, avant de m’endormir, j’ai peur

February 24 - March 24, 2001

From February 24 to March 24, Nathalie Grimard is back at the Galerie Trois Points to present his latest production.

Inspired by diagrams reproduced in old collections of first aid, Nathalie Grimard explores the medium of computer graphics to stage interventions and transport practices in case of accident. Both fascinated and repelled by these medical illustrations, the artist abandons her meticulous work on small format to make room for the conceptualization of images with important dimensions. With a strong visual impact, these standardized constructions show a sparse aestheticism and a clinical coldness that are not without making us smile.

In this corpus, pixelation and blur are used to reinforce the anonymity of the victim, in this case the artist. This loss of identity evokes the victim’s state of unconsciousness, even his eventual death. The latter is put in parallel with sleep, an anguishing state where the gaze of the other escapes us, where our body becomes lighter, where our physical sensations are erased. Sleep is also restorative; He heals us … and then resuscitates us.

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