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Jennifer Lefort

February 18 - March 18, 2006

From February 18 to March 18, Galerie Trois Points will present a highly anticipated exhibition by Jennifer Lefort.

Jennifer Lefort’s production talks about painting. The material asserts itself with a force that combines fluidity, delicacy and fine tracings with overflows, coulures and energetic gestuality. The result is compositions that reflect a mastery of space and an exceptional sense of color. Indeed, the approach of Jennifer Lefort is built on the relationships that are established between the colors and their potential to generate emotional depth.

It favors large formats and does not fear the use of difficult colors. His joyful, sensual and colorful paintings seem to speak of freedom. The natural talent of this young painter, his pleasure to paint and his ambition have brought him several times in recent years the consecration of “young talent to watch”.

In 2005, Jennifer Lefort is the recipient of the Plaskett Award, one of Canada’s most prestigious awards. It represents the opportunity of an exploratory stay in the high places of current European art. Her plastic research will be greatly enriched by the visits, exchanges and encounters she will soon experience in London, Berlin, Paris, etc. Lefort is currently finishing her master’s degree in Toronto, where she will present the exhibition, which will demonstrate the success of her research. His paintings are already part of several corporate collections.

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