Alex McLeod, Jason Arsenault, John Boyle-Singfield, Oli Sorenson

May 16 - July 11, 2015

Galerie Trois Points is thrilled to feature guest artists Jason Arsenault, John Boyle-Singfield and Oli Sorenson along Alex McLeod’s works in Previsualization, a group exhibition opening on May 23rd. The selected works reveal certain truths about how virtualization – through the appropriation and distorted use of software, applications, movies, files and digital technologies – may impact our daily life and perception of reality.

Information technologies – and more specifically those related to image visualization – are now demultiplicated, sophisticated and user-friendly. These applications, originally intended for communication, design or entertainment purposes allow users to anticipate, revise and generate a multitude of versions until reaching an optimal outcome. The four artists included in this exhibition appropriate such technologies, aiming to highlight their inherent strenghts and weaknesses, thus revealing the ubiquitous logic of advertising and push the limits of intellectual property.

Alex McLeod uses specialized software to digitally construct idealized landscapes evoking virtual maquettes. Those hyperrealistic renders – often built with web-found modelization – seduce and confuse at once the viewer by balancing between the complexity of structures and the simplicity of compositions. The works selected here encompass post-apocalyptic landscapes where city and chains intertwine.

With his Instagram 3.4.2 seriesJohn Boyle-Singfield isolates on a white background different filters from the popular mobile application. Actual algorithms, the Instagram filters are designed to transform any image into a photograph reminiscant of analog processing like Polaroid or Super 8. These readymades evoke a certain nostalgia in a desire for immediacy, a phenomenon perfectly adapted to today’s increased speed of images production and circulation, enhanced by the planned obsolecence of commonly used technologies.

The notion of encounter – the one that occurs between the work and the spectator and becomes a point of contact between them – lies at the heart of Jason Arsenault’s work. In this exhibition, the Montreal-based artist presents light and kinetic installations altering our perception. Using billboards panels, mirrors and motion sensors, the artist allows the viewer to become a  part of the works. Directly challenging the body, Arsenault builds both infinite and unreachable spaces that exacerbate and neutralize our senses.

Oli Sorenson selected two pieces from his No More Heroes series, an ongoing film remix project utilizing Hollywood blockbusters and cult cinema as primary creative material. Here, we discover Blade Runner and The Matrix completely re-edited as the artist cut out every frame in which the main character is seen or heard. This new narrative highlights the stereotyping of hero worship along with the production and film making structures of Box Office classics. 

The artists would like to thank Perte de Signal, Skol and David Jacques for their precious collaboration. 

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