Propos simultanés

Michèle Assal

October 18 - November 15, 1997

Following the launch of Michèle Assal’s catalog, which took place on September 6, Galerie Trois Points will present the artist’s recent works from October 18 to November 15.

It is well known that Michèle Assal has been pursuing for many years a work which lies at the limits of the fields of poetry and more formal pictorial work itself. The intimate motifs drawn from the everyday imagery presented on the surface are relative to absence and are things of solitude and intimacy. In a paradoxical way, these everyday icons stand alongside broad shots of color and fine textures that inevitably lead to the idea of ​​surface.

In recent work, the work of the artist reflects a fair balance between these two approaches – poetic and formal – so that they refer to each other in a constant oscillation where what could to be characterized by rigidity (the more formal work) is invested with the emotional charge of the motive.

Only the works of Michèle Assal? Definitely silent; but never dumb.

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