Robbin Deyo

June 5 - July 3, 2004

The new production of the visual artist Robbin Deyo echoes her previous work I want to be princess, installation of self-portraits with frozen faces and clothing that denounced a femininity reduced to objects of consumption. The artist, in residence in Lyon, offers this time no longer traditional self-portraits reflecting the real image but a monochrome representation suggesting the mirror itself. She chose oval shapes that could be reminiscent of a cameo, usually representing the head and shoulders of a woman. The use of monochrome offers a visual depth accentuated by the translucent effect of encaustic. The colors participate also to the idea of ​​the mirror suggesting for each work a different state of mind.

This work fits perfectly in the continuity of the artistic approach of Robbin Deyo who managed to overcome the figurative self-portrait, which betrayed his difficulty to accept his image. The use of monochrome now allows her to better confront her reflection and build her identity as a woman. The colors of consumption find a new use in the expression of femininity, plural and complex that can be felt in each painting of this new series.

Beyond the self-portrait, it is therefore for the artist to reinvest the monochrome with the means of form and color in order to bring a new sensitive view on the feminine representation.

The artist thanks the Canada Council for the Arts and The Banff Center

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