Nicole Jolicoeur, Paul Lacroix

May 31 - June 28, 2003

This exhibition follows the one presented at VU last winter. If the works exhibited at the gallery are different from those shown in Quebec, the theme of the exhibition remains: Paul Lacroix worked from letters / notes written by Nicole Jolicoeur, a long-time friend. This one photographed under wet silk, to turn into all kinds of appearances, figurations.

“Look what you’re doing with my texts, my tracks? You take them back to re-register them to your feverish present. What will happen to these few notes that I write to you in preparation for our exhibition? Will you read them? Do you put them right in front of the light to see through? Will you place them down on your shop wall? Will you treat them with color? Black and white? […] To reverse this way writing, do you really think you’ve grasped something more? ”

“[…], I first found the right light near a window. It was done alone. I sat in front of the camera and tried stuff with silk; I let it form in twists, folds, for nothing. Like that. This light that I had just found was that of a present as yours, feverish. […] I entered under this whiteness of the silk, […], and the automatic shutter did the rest. I never had thought that I would go so easily into my own pictures, into one nothing time. ”

Nicole Jolicoeur to Paul Lacroix, Montreal, November 2002

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