October 15 - November 15, 2009

Galerie Trois Points welcomes with great pleasure the most recent work of painter Michel Daigneault. From October 15 to November 15, Secousse will take over the gallery space with its bright colors, taking a step further in the artist’s reflection.

Known as an abstract painter who found his place within an art movement in which everything seemed to have been said, Daigneault truly renewed the abstraction genre, creating paintings that are playing explicitly with figuration. He’s established a dynamic with the viewer who is continuously willing to create analogies referring to reality through forms and colors. Daigneault is only suggesting, leaving everything to interpretation and reception of the work, giving a lot of space to the viewer. What makes Daigneault’s paintings unique is his ability to be at once seductive, visionary and ambiguous yet resistant to the perils of painterly chaos.

With his latest series, Daigneault is pushing even further the limit between abstraction and figuration. The space is suggested now more than ever in the artist’s production, giving some kind of opening with perspective within a complex set of plans. He is inciting the viewers to question themselves about what they see, drawing them into a space where abstraction embraces recognizable reality. This strategy of provoking a slip and slide between two different types of representation offers the viewers a poly-semantic exploration of abstraction, related more to the models of language studies such as rhetoric and semiology than to the optical exploration of the Modernists.

Born in Montreal, Michel Daigneault completed a B.A. in Fine Arts at Concordia University and M.A. in Art History at Université de Montréal. He has exhibited in numerous solo and group shows across Canada, in the USA and France. He is a professor at York University in Toronto since 2002, after teaching in many Canadian art schools.

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