Séries: Chez moi / Domestic Content

September 10 - October 8, 2005

“I associate many things with many things”

Katharine Hepburn performing Bunny Watson in the movie Desk Set.

Evergon has been developing a photographic practice for several years that questions social codes and sexual mores. During his last visit to the Trois Points gallery, he presented larger-than-life portraits of his naked octogenarian mother. Today, he concentrates his production on making his everyday life the subject of his artistic approach.

This time with Domestic content, he returns the camera to himself and slips into an introspection of his personal universe by directing the lens on the objects that populate his home. Turning away from their banal and innocuous appearance under the voyeurism of the photographer, the objects in his collection assume a symbolic male sexuality. The domestic content is elaborated around a series of trinkets systematically arranged in front of a gray background on a coffee table of a barely more pronounced gray. In the same way, the artist presents a self-portrait on a stool. These objects are related to the foreign content of the artist’s home, so portraits of visitors pose without a pedestal and seem to play a social role with homo-erotic connotations. The gray background gives a uniform character to these different proposals and installs dialogues sometimes intentional, sometimes unforeseen. The set suggests marginal sexuality in a humorous caustic tone.

These impressive photographs, of exceptional plastic quality, are intended as a distancing of the glamorous and baroque aesthetics of the seductive images that the artist has made in the past using large format Polaroid cameras.

This important body of work was partly shown in Quebec City at the Vu Center as part of the Art Manifesto 3 under the theme of cynicism. At home, Domestic content is presented simultaneously at Galerie Trois Points and at Galerie Leonard and Bina Ellen.

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