Exposition solo

Michael Jolliffe

April 26 - May 31, 1997

Québec artist Michael Jolliffe will exhibit at Galerie Trois Points, from April 26 to May 31, the most representative elements of his recent approach, inspired by his research in the Middle East.

Jolliffe draws a link between his works and the archeology he has explored in the Middle East in order to find an answer to the origin of Man and his religious symbols. Its production testifies to this, since it puts us in the presence of artifacts – or artifacts evocative of ancient times. Jolliffe juxtaposes them in his own way, creating twins revealing his gropings, the accuracy of which does not matter to him. We recognize, in particular, remnants of crosses and other symbols, or evocations of icons that recall our Christian culture without identifying them precisely.

To these artifacts Jolliffe opposes “geofacts” (elements formed by Nature that seem to have been shaped by Man), so that the origin of all things merges. In doing so, Jolliffe synthesizes the past and brings it back to the present.

For five years Jolliffe has been working with wax and pure pigment. His works are forms that form part of the wall that serves as their only support. However, their projection into space makes them similar to sculpture.

Access to the work does not call for confrontation. The decorative elements are null: only the painting, in its pure state acts and plays with the relic or the artifact retained. The presence of the work remains fragile, but it suffices to impose it.

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