Stirring Up Stagnant Time

Scott Everingham

January 15 - February 12, 2011

t is with great pleasure that Galerie Trois Points opens the year 2011 with the first solo show of young Toronto based painter Scott Everingham in gallery.

Each environment Scott Everingham has created is an experiment and an encounter – one that has no visible beginning or end – but which speaks to him as very new and real. Paint is a major part of this illusion – it is both the language and structure of human form and architecture – which allows an audience to be involved in the story that is taking place.  Everingham is mainly interested in the ambiguity of how paintwork can represent living and static masses, where viewers may be involved the story at hand.

Everingham takes heavily from literary references and how a story is able to unfold by language alone.  He, too, is interested in a storytelling – albeit painted – in a way that extends beyond what is visible, and into the metaphorical, allegorical, and fictional.  Narratives live and expire as often as the materiality becomes structural or painterly. The paint often has insubstantiality, yet is grounded by moments of escape.  Windows, gaps, and breaking architecture act as exits or entries into parallel narratives that are at once hopeful and dire.

Everingham holds a BFA from Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and an MFA from Waterloo University. The early career artist has already widely shown his work in Canada (Montreal, Halifax, Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa), as well as in the US (Los Angeles CA, New York NY, San Antonio TX, San Francisco CA) and in Europe (London, Amsterdam). Everingham also has been finalist to the 2009 and 2010 RBC Canadian Painting Competition.

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