Studio d’enregistrement

May 4 - June 1, 2002

From May 4th to June 1st, Mario Côté offers pictorial and photographic works as well as a sound work as transposition games made from recording various types of sounds.

During a stay in the fall of 2001, at the Studio du Québec in Paris, the artist made various types of recording. Unusual noises were “objectively” captured and then revealed what they could contain subjective mnemonic fingerprints. A first type of recording, more rudimentary, was at the origin of the production of pictorial works. The process consists of recording on paper, by drawing a continuous line, a background sound and, at the same time, the distinctive sounds that are detached from the background, such as signals characterizing the place of registration. These sound signals are identified by words. Searchable sounds thus become words, sound sources, objects: auto, siren, bell … In the exhibition, we find paintings made from these recording drawings; other paintings contain very short fragments of the audio montage.

A second type of recording, more usual, was done on a digital medium to be processed in Montreal in the editing studio. Made of traffic noise from the boulevard des Quais de la Seine, this conventional recording has given rise to a sound work. This one offers the spectator a reminder of the auditory presence of the paintings. Space other, fugitive space of a memory of the place.

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