Sur l’eau

Suzanne Dubuc

March 29 - April 26, 2003

From March 29 to April 26, Suzanne Dubuc is visiting Galerie Trois Points to present her latest work.

“[…] a water contemplated both in its reflections and in its depths. »Gaston Bachelard, Water and Dreams

A series of photographs taken on a lake last summer are at the origin of the works exhibited here. Fascinated by the spectacle of moving water and its flickering, the artist tried to capture through the lens of his camera the drawings created by the reflections of the sun on the surface of the lake, as well as the mysterious images that appear when the shadows penetrate the water.

Throughout the preparation of this exhibition, the photos pinned on the wall of the workshop served as a trigger to find traces of the experience lived on the water. The artist wanted to translate on canvas and paper the fugitive nature of these images, evoking the feeling of astonishment and the glare that these could have aroused. As a result works more of a reverie on the theme of water than a work of observation.

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