Paul Bureau

February 23 - March 23, 2002

From February 23rd to March 23rd will be Paul’s first solo at Galerie Trois Points.

Matter, transparency and brightness are here at the rendezvous. The artist explores the sensuality of oil painting that he applies in thick layers — the title of the table evokes the number of passages made on each part of the surface. Coming over the ends of the work, the medium is extended in a series of horizontal movements. These streaks, which are not unlike the furrows of a freshly plowed soil, are opposed to vertical stripes to form a grid. Playing with subtlety on the transparencies, this one lets the previous layers reveal themselves to the rhythm of the tones, more vibrant and contrasted than in the past. Two or three chromatic fields emerge in one line, where the eye oscillates from one side to the other of the surface in successive readings.

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