May 1 - May 29, 2004

The work of Sylvain Bouthillette has been asserted in recent years by works inspired by the spiritual quest for enlightenment from Buddhism. The animal motifs (squirrel, crow, hare, caribou) which allowed him to be recognized in the art world, are enriched in this exhibition by the tiger motif.

“The overall idea of ​​my work is a form of conscious meditation that includes images and everyday objects. It is from these everyday objects that the artist proposes a transformation of the necessary spirit because the instinct of property that we have with regard to these objects freezes us and stops our evolution. This desire to own these objects is due to the fear of emptiness which is synonymous with the loss of our individual identity.

Through this multidisciplinary work (painting, drawings, sound environment), the artist makes us unhook things that surround us in order to make us seize the ridiculous, the ephemeral, the confusion, the instability, the ambiguity, the uncertainty, embarrassing it as a form of liberation, if we stop believing that life is something stable and definable.

The works presented finally allow several interpretations and propose, consequently, as many conciliatory voices between our daily life and our spirit.

Press release