Toutes les familles heureuses se ressemblent

September 7 - October 5, 2013

In recognition of its recent partnership with Anne-Renée Hotte, Galerie Trois Points is offering the artist its entire exhibition space for Toutes les familles heureuses se ressemblent, the young video artist and photographer’s first solo exhibition, from September 7 to October 5, 2013.

Toutes les familles heureuses se ressemblent takes us into the private worlds of small family units.  Kinship, clan, and family relationships, the major themes of Hotte’s practice, are explored in an exhibition of works of video and photography.  In a complex installation of ten video works we are presented with individual family portraits.  Relatives revolve around one another like a choreography of tiny planets depicting some basic truth about family.   The tension and tenderness in the relationships is palpable. The installation becomes a space of utopian beauty where the portraits, complemented by an accompanying soundtrack, seem to draw us into a music box.

These contemplative scenes take place among sublime landscapes where the immensity of Nature negates and idealizes the bonds between the figures.  We are held at a distance, and kept from connecting with their lives or their stories.  The gallery’s second space offers a very different world, where we are met with the ghostly image of a family frozen in time, at once anonymous and universal.

Anne-Renée Hotte received a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a major in Photography from Concordia University, and is currently pursuing a Master’s of Fine Arts and Media Arts from the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM).  She has participated in several group exhibitions, most notably in La lenteur et autres soubresauts at Galerie Trois Points last winter, at Les Territoires (Montreal), the Leonard & Bina Ellen Gallery (Montreal) and at Regart, centre d’artistes en art actuel (Lévis).  Her work will be included in an exchange between Les Territoires (Montreal) and Artem (Quimper, France).  Anne-Renée Hotte’s work is held in several collections including Concordia University’s Art for Healing Foundation, the Embassy of Canada in Jakarta, Indonesia, and the Stanley Mills collection.  Hotte’s work is currently on display on the construction enclosure surrounding the site of the future Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal (CHUM).

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Exhibition Press

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