Paul Bureau

November 22 - December 20, 2003

From November 22 to December 20, Paul Bureau is visiting the Three Points Gallery to present his latest work.

The Turbulences series is part of the production presented last summer at Sable-Castelli (Toronto), which was a great success with critics. Paul Bureau always enjoys exploring the sensuality of the oil painting that he applies, in a repetitive manner, in thin vertical stripes. Deviated from their trajectory, sometimes even fractured in the center, these testify to a new freedom in the artist; indeed, the streaks are no longer juxtaposed in the form of a grid but succeed one another in a chaotic rhythm. This loss of control is also evident in the choice of colors, both flamboyant and contrasting, as well as in the cracks where the pictorial layers accumulate. Research of textures and effects of transparency complete the vocabulary of the artist, who seems here to want to suggest a tension, to reappear the presence of the creative subject under the geometric arrangement. The result is a vitality, an energy that can only challenge the viewer.

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