May 2 - May 16, 2009

To celebrate the 6th edition of the Montreal Biennale, Galerie Trois Points is very pleased to present Evergon’s new exhibition. Videos will be presented from May 2 to May 16 this includes photography as well as video.

The two videos around which the show is centered are simultaneously presenting views from the Old Port of Montreal. They will be playing side by side, the transistors present looks to east and west, letting the viewer contemplate a panoramic view of the oldest part of the city. From the top of Aldred Art Deco Building, the artist was admiring the view while reminiscing of the good old days when that set of trees was a park, that strip of white buildings now was the sailor bars and that black building was the dungeon. In the other direction was the Expo, Ile Ste Hélene, the docks and so on.

The Crossing the Equator – Going South series explores the sailor fantasies and the question of the seas mysteries and adventures that are everywhere within this exhibition. This is a series of self-portraits in which the artist stages his own body with a mermaid tattoo that seems to have grown as robust as he had. Among other things, he plays with the gender shenanigans, a ritual when ships crossed the equator with new recruits performing a travestied brouhaha while we can also find a reference to South Pacific, the movie of 1958.

Evergon construes art history in his very own way, while the grands genres such as landscape take a whole other meaning through his look, or with his quotes of the great masterpieces. This is now the local history he’s trying to reconnect with, taking a deep look into its darkness to unleash its secrets.

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