Vive la vie, vive Tina

Christiane Ainsley

March 31 - April 24, 1993

Galerie Trois Points presents, from March 31 to April 24, Christiane Ainslay (room 1) and Pierre Bellemare (room 2).

Under the title “Long Live, Long Live Tina”, Christiane Ainslay explores a new motif after the flower pot and the fish. Her model is a little dog that responds to the name of Tina and who sees all the colors. This pretense of the dog allows Ainslay to confront the colors again in a vibrant chromatic combat. And as always, the title of each painting is a commentary both dada and existential that makes us smile.

In the other room, we can see a video, “The ash eater”, made by Sébastien Bage on the possibilities offered by the folding of a large cloth sewn Pierre Bellemarre and covered with ash. This 28-minute video is a co-production of Toutatoé and Vidéographe. The soundtrack – was created by electroacoustician Estelle Lemire. In addition to the video, we can see the work of Pierre Bellemare and filming shots by Philip Rice.

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