Vol de nuit

Max Wyse

October 13 - November 10, 2012

It is with great enthusiasm that Galerie Trois Points presents Vol de nuit, an exhibition of the latest works of Max Wyse, taking place from October 13th to November 10th.

The work of Max Wyse, which we are very pleased to see once again in the gallery, is recognizable by a refined technique and a very particular iconography. Wyse uses the acrylic sheet as both medium and surface, working in layers on the back of the Plexiglas, foreground to background. Each work begins with a drawing until successive layers are built up to arrive at the broad areas of color that form the background of his paintings. The outstanding attention to detail required by this method makes this recent series of works particularly exceptional on a technical level. Indeed, the exhibition presents the largest format on which the artist has worked to date, exploring the tribulations of a peasant seeking to comply with codes that prevail in the desert.

Max Wyse has developed his own iconography, almost his own mythology. If the characters are rooted in a human body, they are rapidly transformed into some kind of receptacle where converge plants, animals and minerals. The human body also becomes the vehicle that can travel across cultures and history, recurring themes in the work of Wyse.

British Columbia, Max Wyse lives and works in Montreal. His work has been exhibited widely, notably in Montreal, Paris, Vancouver, Toronto and New York. It is part of numerous public and private collections, including the Musée Régional de Rimouski, Collection prêt d’oeuvres d’art (Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec), National Bank of Canada, Cirque du Soleil, Montmarte Fund (Paris) and Giverny Capital.

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