Worriers of the Wasteland

October 14 - November 11, 2006

“I remember remembering being affraid of the unknown”

For some years Clint Griffin has been working with materials rejected by their owners, recycling them and giving them a new dimension. The Galerie Trois Points has already presented two exhibitions, As seen on TV in 2003 and Happy Birthday in 2001, which dealt respectively with the subconscious influence of the small screen on our vision of life and on the emotion felt by the artist in his current or past interpersonal relationships.

The artist deepens this research already initiated with recovered materials. This time, he reuses paintings representing landscapes, that he gets in the flea markets or that he finds in garbage cans. This appropriation of the work of other artists and craftsmen allows him to integrate different points of view in his paintings. Through the collage of two or three landscapes where he adds carved characters, traces of painting, the artist combines several realities to create an unusual universe. The search for a reality with multiple perseptives also leads him to question the quest for Canadian identity. The works of Clint Griffin thus composed become original entities. The artist puts into perspective her method of creating a coherent and colorful whole in relation to the multiculturalism of the current Canadian identity.

With these layers in place, the Worriers of the Wasteland series also questions the fear and anguish caused by visual misunderstandings. These concerns and uncertainties place the viewer in the face of his own fears, his anxiety towards others and facing himself.

Torontonian Clint Griffin has exhibited his work across Canada, including Toronto, Fredericton, St. John’s, and Montreal. In the United States, his works have been featured in numerous galleries including Berenberg Gallery (Boston), Yard Dog (Austin) and Gaurde-Rail (Seattle). His paintings are part of the Art Gallery of Ontario’s collection.

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