Amanda Reeves

Artist Profile

Amanda Reeves, an artist of great subtlety and control, has an abiding interest in the act of looking and seeing. Reeves places great emphasis on movement in her newest body of work. Shape elements spring from imagined foci, colliding and veering, defining the structure of the painting as they compete for territory on the picture plane. An illusion of space is created by Reeves’ innovative selection of colour and tone. Informed by colour theory, Reeves uses simple shapes and restrained colours in her paintings to connect the viewer with the invisible act of perception. The resulting chromatic nuances give the paintings an intangible optical quality similar to “after images”, challenging the viewer to take pleasure in the physical act of seeing. The precise rendering of each shape belies her free-hand technique; each painting offers a pristine surface that is unmarked by brush or hand.

Reeves graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD) with honours in 2005. Reeves achieved Honorable Mention in the RBC Canadian Painting Competition,2008, receiving the semi-finalist award for central Canada. In 2009 she had a solo exhibition at Drabinsky Gallery, Toronto. She has shown with p|m Gallery at the Toronto International Art Fair in 2008 and 2010 and in the group show Prickle and GleamAmanda Reeves is represented by p|m Gallery