Michèle Assal

Artist Profile

The recent work of Michèle Assal is a series of paintings inspired by string theory. The essential idea is that nature is fundamentaly composed of minuscule cords of energy whose different vibrational modes are the basis of all activity in the universe. This harmony joins the laws of the infinitely big and the infinitely small into one theory. Consequently, six new dimensions can be discovered in addition to those we already know: space and time. A single string serves as the leitmotif of Michèle Assal’s work. From this idea, she envisioned her paintings as a series of infinite spaces and textures that evolve in dimensionless time. Similar works with modules show how space can manipulate an image; because it appears deformed, the artist can allow herself to be surprised by the different possibilities of her work. These parallel worlds that simultaneously exist in different temporalities give the artist a ubiquitous talent. Always in motion, the paintings have a life of their own.

2007L'Express | Ève Pavesi
 Le coup de coeur d'André | 27 février
2004National Post | Julia Dault
 Paint that refuses to stop at the edge of the canvas | 7 avril
2001Le Devoir | Bernard Lamarche
 Coup de barre | 1 décembre
1997The Gazette | Dorota Kozinska
 Driven by Mysteries of memory and time | 8 novembre
1995Actualité médicale | Myriam Gagnon
 Michel Assal, la poésie au quotidien | 22 novembre
1995Le Devoir | Jennifer Couelle
 De la désillusion et de la réalité fictive | 14 octobre
1995La Presse | Gaston Roberge
 Expositions choisies | 28 septembre
1992Le McGill Daily Français | Éric Girouard
 Duo dynamique | 14 janvier
1990Espace (printemps) | Mona Hakim
 L'espace et ses régisseurs | 1 avril
1989Le Devoir | Lyne Crevier
 Dans les entrailles du métro | 15 décembre