Nicolas Fleming

Artist Profile

True to an exploratory practice in shaping objects, which later become components of installations, Fleming does not stand by a pre-determined aesthetic intent. He focuses on creating situations in which several mediums and materials are forced to interact, and in which he might feel the need to mediate.

Displaying close affinities to the formal investigation and space consideration of minimalism, his work relies on accumulation of everyday discarded objects or materials, regularly gathered on construction sites and renovation projects. He integrates them to his studio practice where they join recurring mediums in his practice: acrylic mediums and paints, isolating polyurethane, Styrofoam, car putty and others. These objects are reconfigured into sculptural forms that inhabit exhibition spaces, which are transformed and redefined through wall constructions, floor add-ons and lighting alterations. The sculptures and interventions underline the architectural attributes of the invested spaces.

The presence of references to the human body, limbs, orifices and fluids, are part of his visual language. The modified and re-manipulated factory produced components become organic and sometimes even seductive. Through this imitated liveliness, the works retain a certain degree of physical or conceptual malleability, even when they appear as completed. Fleming often deliberately chooses not to take responsibility for the finishing of an art work which, to him, is loaded with too much responsibility.

2015Le Devoir | Frédérique Doyon
 Papier 15 s’agrandit | 18 avril
2014Le Devoir | Marie-Ève Charron
 Aires libres s’ouvre à la sculpture monumentale | 14 juin
2014La Presse | Éric Clément
 Aires libres: une galerie d'art en plein air | 21 mai
2013The Belgo Report | Vincent Marquis
 "Off the Wall" : Peinture Extrême - Cadrer le tout at Galerie Trois Points | 16 juillet
2013Le Devoir | Jérôme Delgado
 Peinture, entre l'essence et l'excès | 13 juillet
2013Montréalistement | Normand Babin
 Peinture extrême 2013 : troisième parcours | 9 juillet