Scott Everingham

Artist Profile

Motivated by paint, Scott Everingham seeks to create environments that are both tangible and indeterminate, acting as modes of escape to fictional or alternative realities. While he draws inspiration from literary and theatrical fiction, his approach to the development of a painting is impulsive and instinctual, with each mark informing the next. As the artist pointed out, his brushwork is intended to involve an audience into the completion of a work. Rather than concealing the process, the aim is to expose the autonomy of paint, producing work that is both deliberate and spontaneous Everingham's ambiguous, unfamiliar settings -with broken structures and windows illogically opened to sunsets or oceans - may suggest an insecure state of being, but may also bear moments of utopian renewal.

Scott Everingham holds a BFA from NCSAD University in Halifax, and an MFA from the University of Waterloo. Everingham received many prices and distinctions especially from the Council of Arts of Toronto, the foundation Framework and he has been three time finalist for the RBC Canadian painting competition. Also, he presented his work in many galleries, like Galerie de la Petite Mort, General Hardware, Thames Gallery, ARTERY Gallery and G+ Gallery. His work is part of many privates and publics collections, particularly among the Council of Arts of Canada, TD Bank, the Professional American League Institute in Taiwan and Welch LLP.



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