Chris Boyne

Artist Profile

Using archival documents and images and memories from personal experience or works of fiction, Christopher Boyne creates artwork that produces a multiplicity of resonances. His installations thus become a narrative that prompts personal reflection, nostalgia or reminiscence. He employs a variety of mediums such as photography, installation, cinema, sound, drawing and writing, and is interested in the merchant marine, boats and navigation instruments and tools.

Christopher Boyne was born in Halifax, in 1984. He holds a bachelor’s degree in visual art from Ryerson University in Toronto and a master’s degree in art practice from Concordia University. He lives and works in Montreal and Halifax. His works have been exhibited in Canada and the U.S. His recent exhibitions include periwinkle blues, at Vancouver’s Gallery 295, black nance & boutilier marine, at Ryerson Artspace in Toronto and regio aeronautica, at Open Space in Victoria. Christopher Boyne was also in the first group of artists selected for Twenty-three Days at Sea: A Travelling Artist Residency.