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Evergon: a.k.a. Celluloso Evergonni, Eve R. Gonzales, Egon Brut. Evergon's work represents a thirty-five year international career as an instructor and as an artist/photographer imaging primarily, but not exclusively, gay male culture. Evergon construes art history in his very own way, while the grand genres such as landscape take a whole other meaning through his look, or with his quotes of the great masterpieces.

Concerned with technology, past and present, his early photographs explored non-silver processes and electrostatic works. These were followed by instant imaging photographs that culminated with 1 meter x 2 meters colour Polaroid prints. In the 1990’s, there were primarily two bodies of work from Polaroid press cameras. The first was a fabricated document of 'Ramboys: a Bookless Novel' finalized as large silver gelatin prints. The other was documented fiction/action within Manscapes – international male-to-male cruising grounds completed in various modes of digital imaging. In the last ten years, Evergon’s works include larger-than-life nudes of his Mother, ‘Margaret & I’ and a selection of images gleaned from his lifetime trove of memorabilia accompanied with self-portraits, ‘Chez Moi: Domestic Content’. In XXX/L and Passion Plays, Evergon presented life size images of himself cavorting with other men. These images are concerned with the crosshatch between images of pornography with the classical Icons of Western Art. ‘A Sailor’s Lament’, presented at Galerie Trois Points, is an installation of two videos, East and West views of the Port of Montreal, a photograph of Port Hope in winter, wall text and a group of photographs of Evergon strutting for his camera wearing a grass skirt, a sailor’s hat, and a giant tattoo of a red haired mermaid. The exhibiton, in Galerie Verticale, Laval, QC, presented 17 running hours of videographed cruizing grounds in and around Montrealopolis and 10 large Inkjet Photographs from the afore mentioned ‘Passion Plays’: both bodies of work present a different investigation of the title.



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