Laurent Lévesque

Artist Profile

Making use of installation, digital technologies, photography and video, Laurent Lévesque sets up apparatuses that engage the visitor in a distorted experience of the landscape.

He explores the areas of tension between the natural and the artificial. He is especially interested in our relationship with nature, space and time in the contexts of environmental insecurity, the authority of technology, globalization of markets, and the pervasiveness of the Internet.

In his projects, the landscapes act as fragments, organized into complex systems beyond what the gaze can comprehend. Thus, his works are to be approached as vaporous ensembles, as geographies, that build one experience after the other. Through such artifices, concrete spaces are organized into conceptual spaces.


Born in Sorel (Quebec, Canada), Laurent Lévesque lives and works in Montreal and, recently, also in Seattle, Washington. His projects, which were presented across Quebec, in Ontario, in France and in Peru have led him to be selected for various residency programs and grants.