Milutin Gubash

Artist Profile

Milutin Gubash is pursuing a multidisciplinary art practice combining video, photography, and performance. Using facts from the everyday, historical and philosophical narratives, the artist explores how certain ideas about politics, identity and history can be manhandled. The visual world of Gubash mainly consists of members of his family and friends, often shown in outlandish situations or absorbed in deep thoughts. Thus, the artist poses as director of an unpredictable and uncontrollable daily, sometimes putting himself in his video and photographic works. Gubash does not hesitate to alter reality in order to make it more credible, understandable. The artist exacerbates the issues of memory by deploying a set of family stories that oscillate between reality and fiction, building over time a real serious and amazing saga.  Issues of personal identity and social representations are at the heart of its concerns, and despite the autobiographical nature of certain works, reflexions that underlie the purpose of the artist are universal.

Having immigrated to Canada early, Gubash has continued to build a relationship with his native country, through his parents’ stories of their life in Serbia. Thus, its multidisciplinary practice questions the definition of cultural and artistic authenticity of our identity links. With his works, he tests our understanding of what constitutes a valid subject in the experience of the work. By narrative constructions where fictional objects and facts are confused, the artist reconstructs the beginnings of a social crisis. Gubash cultivates the sham to the point where we can no longer distinguish the real from the imaginary.

Born in Novi Sad, Serbia, 1969, Milutin Gubash lives and works in Montreal. He holds an MFA in photography from Concordia University as well as two bachelor's degrees in photography and philosophy from the University of Calgary.  His work has been widely exhibited throughout Canada, United States and Europe since 2000, at the Manifestation internationale d'art de Québec (2005 et 2010), and at the Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal (2007), among others. We have seen his videos in festivals including Les Rencontres Internationales Paris / Berlin / Madrid (2009). He has won numerous grants and awards, including a grant of long-term Arts Council of Canada (2011-2013). A Canada wide series of unique exhibitions was recently completed, featuring his last ten years of practice at Rodman Hall Art Centre (St. Catharines, Ontario), Carleton University Art Gallery (Ottawa, Ontario), Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery (Kitchener, Ontario), Southern Alberta Art Gallery (Lethbridge, Alberta), Musée d’art de Joliette (Quebec) and the Darling Foundry (Montreal, Quebec). This ambitious series of exhibitions culminated with the publication of a monograph in 2013.

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