Natalie Reis

Artist Profile

This emerging artist has already caught the attention of noted critics and collectors. Reis’s most recent work reflects a rich and complex aesthetic. Her large-scale pieces embody at once the figurative, the allegorical, the theatrical and the popular by juxtaposing various symbols and icons that occupy our collective consciousness. Through her elaborate compositions, in which the play between subjects is at once artificial and psychoanalytical, Reis aims to illustrate the tension that exists in our relationship with visual language today – an anxiety that underlies our sense of mistrust in face of concocted realities.

Reis’s art practice begins with the accumulation and appropriation of found imagery. By creating an illusionary environment in which she mingles and merges icons, symbols and references from mythology, art history, news and popular culture, the artist attempts to disarm the viewer’s sense of perception. She demonstrates a clear interest in the ambivalence between reality and fiction. While a political and clearly feminist tone underlies the ambiguity of Reis’s works, their aesthetic, at once graceful and disturbingly primal, buoyed by a masterful technique, serves first and foremost to stimulate and challenge the viewer on a sensory level.

Natalie Reis obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Concordia University and a Master of Fine Arts degree from Waterloo University. From now on, she lives and works in Montreal. She received some prices and distinctions from the Funds of research on culture and society and the Sylvia Night Award attributed by the University of Waterloo. She has shown her work in numerous collective and solo shows, especially at Galerie Trois Points, Galerie Division, Usine C, centre Plein Sud, the Artery Gallery and the Chelsea Galleria, in Miami. Her work is part of some private and publics collections like the Giverny Capital collection and Fasken Martineau.

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