Gallery Space Rental

Whether it is for a corporate event or a private party to which you would like to give a special touch, for a television show or photo shooting, the spacious and full of natural light space is available outside business hours. Our team is experienced with such events and surely might help you find caterer or equipment rental services.


We are available outside business hours for particular meetings if your schedule does not allow you to visit us.  Feel free to give us a phone call and to get a privileged access to our collections.


Galerie Trois Points has offered an appraisal service for more than twenty years. We are experienced to help you with appraisals for insurance, estate planning or for donation purposes. The gallery has extensive experience in appraising works from Canadian and international artists, contemporary and historical.

Get in touch with us to know if we could be helpful to you.

Corporate gifts and Greeting cards

We also offer numerous possibilities for corporate gifts. Print editions, photographs or small-scale works on paper. Get in touch with us to get further information. An original work of art is a fabulous way to surprise and impress clients or employees on a special occasion.

We have also a great selection of greeting cards in limited edition. Do not hesitate to get in contact with us; our team will be pleased to let you discover all the possibilities.

A piece of art fitting with your decor

Our team will be pleased to help you find the perfect work of art that will complement your home style. We also offer an on-site hanging service, if you would like someone from our team to help you set up your artwork on your walls.

Live with the work

We offer the option to our clients to “try” the work they are considering buying, in their own space, with no obligations. This allows clients to live with the work for a few days. Hang it on the wall and see how they feel about it before making a final decision.  Clients outside the Montreal area can also take advantage of this option. Contact us to know the modalities related to this service.


Throughout the years, the gallery built a strong relationship with different framers who surely will be able to present you different products and options that will suit both your expectations and your budget.


We also offer a worldwide shipping and delivery service. We work with specialized companies that assure quality and effectiveness. It is also important to note for clients outside Canada that works from Canadian artists are exempt from the good and service taxes.


We offer the possibility of flexible payment terms, in order to accommodate your specific needs. We believe it is fundamental to offer manageable payment opportunities so that art lovers can acquire original works of art without financial issues. Get in touch with us so we can help you determine all the options available to your situation.

Renting art pieces

Galerie Trois Points offers an art rental service, whether it is to expose in an office,  a meeting room or in your own home! It is also possible to rent works of art on a short-term basis to create a special ambiance for an event or for shooting purposes. More than 400 works of art are available for rent including paintings, drawings, etchings and photographs, all of which vary in sizes.

Art rental fees depend on the purchase price of the work and are charged on a monthly basis. If you are interested in renting artworks on a regular basis, we suggest monthly automatic credit card payments.

If you decide to purchase a specific piece after having rented it, half of the rental fees that have been paid will be deducted off the retail price of the work –up to 6 months maximum. This deduction also applies to employees wishing to buy an artwork rented by their business or company. Indeed, we may then discuss flexible payment schedules service charges.

It is useful to take note that art purchases are tax deductible for business and might be profitable. Please take a look at the AGAC brochure (insérer lien vers futur document de l’AGAC) if you wish to obtain additional information.