Cuban Pictures Series

March 22 - April 19, 2008

La Galerie Trois Points is honored to present the work of Olga Chagaoutdinova in her first solo exhibition at the gallery. Considered one of the most promising artists by the Montreal press in 2006, Olga Chagaoutdinova presents Cuban Pictures Series, her latest photographic project.

Cuban Pictures Series was realized in Cuba in 2007, following Chagaoutdinova‘s previous collection Russian Pictures, realized between 2004 and 2006. With this second project, the artist pursues her artistic research on domesticity as a microcosm of society and as a unique source of visual information where the individual belongings of the past juxtapose the influx of the present. The intimate domestic scenes in the photographs documents the tides of change from the people’s point of view, and provide information for a cultural and iconographic analysis in both Cuba and Russia.

Olga Chagaoutdinova is fascinated by syncretism, of how a dominant culture asserts itself, and grafts over the symbols and values of another culture. How do we reconcile the differences and common elements of coexisting cultures for the purpose of finding a way for cultural identity? Both series have one thing in common – the artist’s own intentional oscillation between artistic distance and the intense intimacy of discovery.  This duality permeates the work, creating a palpable tension that is rarely broken or resolved.  It is in this way – from where and how she is as an artist – as an observer and researcher, that Olga Chagaoutdinova looks from the outside into the things that had been familiar to her in the past, visually registering them and sharing them with others.  Whether it be Russian apartments that contain layered cultural references dramatically transformed during the past decade, or the reality of Cuban life with its knots of contradiction and historical controversy, Olga Chagaoutdinova examines that within her personal proximity from the perspective of an outsider, an outsider who knows that history from the inside.

Olga Chagaoutdinova originates from Russia. She has lived and works in Montreal since 2005. In 2006 and 2007, she has shown her work in a solo exhibition at the Far East Museum of Fine Art in Khabarovsk (Russia) and in other collective exhibitions, among them, at the Centro Hispano-Americano de la Havana and the Ludwig Foundation, Havana Cuba, at the Magenta Foundation in Toronto and at Galerie Trois Points, and the Leonard and Bina Ellen Art Gallery in Montreal. Cuban Pictures Series is part of her final project for her Masters in Photography degree at Concordia University.

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  • Nicolas Mavrikakis, À surveiller, Voir, 2008. 01. 10.. Lien web | PDF