Exposition solo

May 5 - June 2, 2001

From May 5th to June 2nd, Richard Mill is visiting Galerie Trois Points to present us his latest production.

“I have always wanted, while maintaining a great consistency in the evolution of my work, to make the greatest possible differences from one painting to another. This led me, at the chance of the workshop, to integrate objects to my paintings, often by scoring the frame, and in a 1999 chart the ‘frame’ has taken a disproportionate dimension, leading me to occupy the space in front of the board. ”

Presented last January at the Laval University Gallery of Visual Arts, Mill‘s recent works are in the wake of this painting. Exploring space while breaking the boundaries between painting and sculpture, they are the fruit of a sharp theoretical reflection: what links do these works have with the pictorial medium? Is the wall still necessary? Audacious and disconcerting, these installations bear witness to the constant renewal of the artist, a renewal that introduces an interesting dynamic between Mill and the spectator.

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