Exposition solo

Creighton Michael

January 23 - February 20, 1999

Galerie Trois Points is proud to welcome the American artist Creighton Michael. He will present at the Galerie Trois Points a series of drawings.

If the journey followed until now the artist is not thin, we can find some moments here. His works have been shown during a recent visit to the Queens Museum of Art, NYC, in an exhibition that recounted his pictorial journey from 1995 to 1998. The Kim Foster Gallery (NYC) also presented, the year last, a range of works on paper. We will have also been able to appreciate his work during solo exhibitions including

Colorado, Tennessee, San Antonio, Santa Monica, San Francisco and Brooklyn. In 1985, Creighton Michael was a recipient of the Pollock-Krasner Foundation Scholarship. Creighton Michael’s works can be found in such important collections as At & T, the Brooklyn Museum, the Denver Art Museum and New York University.

In its July 1998 issue, Art in America published an article about the artist’s work in which Jonathan Goodman raised, about his works on paper that they use an austere vocabulary in which lines and traces remain only minimally. Continuing, the author adds: “the images and motifs he engenders through this delibarately spartan mark-making are formally intricate and thematically complex”, thus highlighting the polysemic nature of his work.

The exhibition will be a unique chance to be able to rub shoulders with the work of this artist whose notoriety and aesthetic qualities are becoming ever richer.

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