Exposition solo

Marc Séguin

May 8 - June 5, 1999

After participating in the Fugue et Passion exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Montreal, at a solo exhibition at the Gallery in February 1998, Marc Séguin received the 1998 Pierre Ayot Prize.

The freedom with which Marc Séguin, a young artist and recipient of the 1998 Pierre Ayot Prize, works, is manifest in many ways. While preserving the heterogeneous aspect of the works on canvases which weaves in a way the signature of the artist, the more recent works of this one, which he will present to the Gallery from May 8 to June 5, 1999, are in rupture with previous productions. One will find there, certainly, grounds of his usual imagery, surfaces playing with the stripping but if the spirit in which Séguin works was that of the childhood, one will say that the child decided to think a little bit the world. ..without taking it seriously.

Without gravity, no, Marc Séguin questions in some way the essence of the things he represents. The surfaces are currently, moreover, marked by the arrival of an enriched color palette. In this way, self-reflexive, the works of the artist are more expressive, ask the eye that he uses his time, do not engage immediately. Everyone will know how to recognize in these works, all the pleasure of the gesture that the antecedents transpired. With Séguin, no rejection of a technique, a motive, a “way”. The paintings of Marc Séguin are, no doubt possible, the place of an astonishment that only can make his spontaneity reflected.

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