Idols and Creatures

January 17 - February 14, 2009

Galerie Trois-Points is pleased to begin 2009 with Idols and Creatures, painter Natalie Reis‘s first solo exhibition in Montreal, starting January 17 until February 12.

This emerging artist has already caught the attention of noted critics and collectors. In her latest work, the characters depicted resonate historically, appropriating images from Greek and Roman gods and goddesses, to iconic female figures present in neoclassical painting. These familiar portraits are rendered into idols – god-like “shunga-esque” portraits of surreal creatures. At first glance, the creatures defined by these mythical deities appear as delicate, skilful dancers and performers. But upon closer observation, one comes to realize they are abject and non-functional. Limbs precariously extend from their cropped torsos, legs spring up in multiples and genitalia crown their necks.

If Reis‘s work displays a philosophical reflection about the way we see humanity and its icons, it is also a statement on contemporary art. She considers the discovery of truth as rendered obsolete. Rather, it is the quest to build the most effective representation of truth that dominates. In response to this development, Reis seeks to present work that is transparent in surrealistic imagery, and realistic in its representation of inconspicuous and fleeting truth.

Natalie Reis obtained a Master of Fine Arts degree from Waterloo University and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Concordia University. She has shown her work in numerous collective shows, at Usine C, Division Gallery, and at international fairs such as Red Dot in Miami. She is currently working on a collective project for the 2009 Montreal Biennale.

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  • Bettina Forget, Dismebered Members, Belgo Report, 2009. 01. 21.. Lien web | PDF